When it comes to the new Michigan Wolverines, there is no denying that Michigan football is a big deal.

source TalkSports title Michigan’s Wolverines take on Northwestern article article Michigan State football has not won since 1989.

Michigan has not defeated Northwestern since 1985.

Michigan is still unbeaten in the Big Ten, but the Wolverines have yet to win the Big 12 championship since 1987.

Michigan, which is 5-0 against the Wildcats this season, is 5 ½ games out of the Big Dance and 4 ½ out of a share of the No. 2 seed.

Michigan was supposed to be a top-10 team in the AP poll.

It lost in the conference championship game to Iowa State, and the Spartans are 7 ½ games behind Oklahoma State in the final standings.

Michigan’s loss to Northwestern was a big blow, and it has a lot of questions heading into the season.

What is Michigan going to do to get out of this one?

How is Michigan supposed to win in November?

Who will win the MAC East and conference title?

Who is going to take home the Big House title?

The Wolverines are coming off a season that has been so disappointing that many of the fans are not even on the field.

There are still questions about who is going on the Michigan football team, and there are still some of the biggest questions heading in.

First and foremost is who is Michigan quarterback Connor Cook.

He’s been an average quarterback, and he hasn’t been a big part of the Michigan offense.

He has only thrown three passes this season.

There’s a lot to like about Cook, but there’s still a lot we need to figure out about him.

It’s not just the numbers, but also the way he is playing.

Cook was a three-star recruit out of high school, and his only real notable performance came in 2016.

That year, Cook was the starting quarterback for the Wolverades, but he got hurt in the first quarter and didn’t play in the bowl game.

The next year, he had a breakout season, completing 66.5 percent of his passes for 2,000 yards and 10 touchdowns.

It was his first career season that he led Michigan to a bowl game, but it also marks the first time in Cook’s career that he had two seasons with at least 20 touchdowns and a winning record.

It is also the first year in Cooks career that the Wolveradeas bowl record is tied with Ohio State.

His other three seasons in the program have been marred by injuries, and in 2017, he played in just six games.

The other questions that remain are how Cook will respond to the pressure he has been under this season and how will he adjust to the college game.

Will he have to learn to operate with a new offense?

Will he continue to play with the same level of confidence he did during his first two years at Michigan?

Will the pressure to be the top quarterback hurt his confidence in his own play, or will he be able to thrive in the new offense he has now?

What kind of expectations do the Michigan fans have for Cook?

If Cook continues to struggle with accuracy and arm strength, does he have any chance to compete in the NFL?

The new coach and quarterback are both young, and Cook will be trying to find his place in the offense.

Does that mean Cook will have to adjust to a new system?

Does Cook have the right mix of skills to succeed?

The first question that needs to be answered is how does Cook do with the new system he has learned in his first season at Michigan.

Will the new offensive coordinator and offensive line coach be able help him?

How will Cook adjust to an offense that he doesn’t know how to play?

How can Cook adapt to playing on the edge, playing with speed or playing in space?

Is there anything that will get Cook the ball?

What is the plan for Cook to learn in his second season at the school?

Is he going to be able play with his eyes closed and focus on his work?

Cook will need to learn new plays in a new scheme, and will he learn them quickly enough that he will be able react to different offensive concepts without getting frustrated?

Can Cook handle the pressure of playing under a new offensive scheme?

Is it a good idea for him to get a little older and have a lot more experience playing in a different offense, with new players, with different schemes?

Can he adapt to a more physical, less mobile offensive scheme without getting overwhelmed?

How does Cook react to the pressures that come with being a Michigan football player?

Will Cook be able adapt to the speed of the NFL without losing his confidence?

Will that help him in the pocket, or does it make him a liability in the passing game?

Can the Wolverine offensive line hold up under pressure?

Will they be able hold up against the speed rush?

What happens to the quarterback?

What will he do if the team is not winning games?

There are questions about Cook’s health