What Google News is telling you about US elections

Google News has published what it says are a handful of stories that might explain the results of the US presidential election.

The stories are about Trump supporters, the death of former President George W Bush, and the resignation of ex-President Barack Obama.

One of the stories was a satirical article about the Democratic National Convention.

But it’s not just stories about US politics that Google News and others publish.

Google has also published stories about how US elections are organised and the impact of those elections on US society.

Google News’ US election coverage The US presidential elections of November 8 and 11 will decide who becomes the next president of the United States.

A new poll by the Pew Research Center shows that 52 per cent of US adults have a favourable view of the Democratic Party, with 27 per cent saying they have a negative view.

In terms of the Republican Party, 28 per cent have a positive view, compared to 25 per cent who have a neutral view.

Among the general population, 22 per cent approve of the way Trump is handling his job, while 33 per cent disapprove.

On November 8, Google News published a satirical story about the death at the hands of former US President George Bush.

The story, which had been published by the Associated Press (AP), was based on a false claim that a former president who served in office from 1991 to 2003 was a pedophile and that he committed multiple murders.

A Google News article entitled Bush dies at 87A Google News report published on November 8 showed a picture of former president George Bush, saying: “Former President George HW Bush died peacefully at his home in Dallas, Texas.”

It also said: “This story was taken out of context and it has been corrected.”

The story has since been removed from Google News.

GoogleNews has also made several reports about the presidential election campaign of Democrat Hillary Clinton.

The article titled The ‘Clinton Campaign’ is in crisis” on November 10 said that “Clinton Campaign is in serious trouble”.

The article, which appeared on Google News, was about a series of polls showing Clinton’s support dropping.

In it, the article described a poll that found that “58 per cent support Clinton, compared with 34 per cent for Trump”.

GoogleNews reported that Clinton has a 50 per cent to 42 per cent lead over Trump in the polls.

In an article entitled The ‘Trump campaign is in meltdown’, GoogleNews on November 13 said: Trump has lost his grip on the American people, as he loses support from Americans who had voted for him during the campaign.

He’s been losing ground among Republican voters, with a 51 per cent chance of winning the general election, according to the new poll.

On Thursday, GoogleNews published a story about how “Clinton has been losing support among Republican, African American, and Latino voters.”

The article said: Republican support for Clinton dropped to 46 per cent from 46 per day ago, according the latest Reuters/Ipsos tracking poll, which is a major reversal from Clinton’s lead in the last Reuters/IPSOS poll.

Google news published an article about a woman who was shot and killed in the streets of Chicago in November 11.

The “Woman who was Shot and Killed in Chicago” article, from GoogleNews, said: The story is about a young woman who died in the street in Chicago, Illinois, just after midnight.

The woman’s mother was at the hospital when she was shot.

Google told The Associated Press that it had removed the story.

A second Google News story published on December 12 said that Hillary Clinton’s campaign was “on the verge of collapse”.

The story said: She has lost ground to her Republican opponent Donald Trump, and she is in the process of falling behind in the race.

Google said that it has removed the article.

On December 13, Google released another story about Hillary Clinton being “on track for a big win”.

The post, from the Google News news site, said that: Hillary Clinton has the momentum and momentum is now in her hands.

Hillary is well on her way to clinching the Democratic nomination for president.

Google reported that Hillary’s lead over Donald Trump had dropped to 3 percentage points.

Google’s US election news article On December 18, Google published a post saying that Hillary had won “a stunning victory” in the US election.

Google also published a report on a “super-sized” landslide election that took place in Pennsylvania.

The results of that election were not reported by GoogleNews.

Google did not provide any other data about the election results, although GoogleNews’ US elections report did say that Donald Trump “won Pennsylvania by more than 11 million votes”.

Google News also published an account about a man who had been killed by police in the Philippines in November 12.

The post said: A man who was killed by Philippine police in Manila has been identified as Jose Jesus Aguilar.

A Filipino official told Reuters that Aguilar, who was 26, was the son