What’s a good way to get people to donate to the Clinton Foundation?

Forbes article A new political analysis found that nearly half of Americans who donated to the Clintons during the 2016 election donated to other candidates.

The study from Harvard’s Shorenstein Center for Government and Public Service found that donors were less likely to give money to Democrats in a midterm election than they were in previous midterm elections.

In 2016, Clinton had an advantage over her Republican opponent, Donald Trump, with nearly eight times as many donations to Democrats than to Republicans.

More people are donating now to Democrats.

The 2016 election was the first time in American history that the Clinton and Trump campaigns each ran in the same year.

But many of the other campaigns were also more likely to be successful than the Democrats.

A lot of these donations came in late, before Election Day, the study said.

The average donation from a 2016 donor was $30, more than five times what a 2016 Republican gave.

The political science department at Harvard and other research organizations said in a report released last month that Trump had raised the most money of the four presidents, with $1.8 billion.

Democrats and Republicans have not been at odds for long, but Trump has raised the more money.

His fundraising came as he has been embroiled in controversy over his alleged connections to Russia, and the campaign has been accused of paying former National Security Adviser Michael Flynn tens of thousands of dollars to change his views.

The Clinton Foundation is focused on improving access to health care in poor and rural communities, which is a priority for Clinton.

The foundation’s charitable arm has received more than $2 billion in federal and state money since 2009, the center said.