How to make the case for more left wing news in The New York Times

The New Times has taken a big hit this week in a recent poll showing that more left-leaning outlets are seeing their share of the news audience fall.

That’s according to the polling firm Ipsos, which found that a majority of its readership are now left-wing.

The New Yorker reported that the newsroom, which is run by Times co-founder Dean Baquet, is struggling to keep its reporters and editors from being more left than they are, which could lead to more left leaning reporting.

But Baquet said the NYT is trying to do better and he is not afraid of the media.

Baquet was asked about the Times’s troubles in a Bloomberg Television interview that aired on Monday night.

“I think it’s fair to say that the way the news business is being structured, it’s very difficult to find news that aligns with your worldview,” Baquet told Bloomberg.

Baquett said the Times needs to become more of a marketplace, and he hopes to help change that.

Baqay said that The New Jersey-based newspaper was the only outlet in the world that reported stories that align with the liberal worldview, which Baquet describes as “fair, balanced, open, and thoughtful.”

“I know that we are not perfect, but I think we have a responsibility to help those who are left-of-center,” Baquay said.

The newsroom has not been immune to criticism from some of its critics over the past few years, including former Times executive editor Michael Barbaro, who called The New Orleans Times a “liberal cesspool” that “should be destroyed.”

The Times, meanwhile, has defended itself against criticism from many in the media, saying that the outlet is trying new approaches to help it meet changing demographics.

The Times said it would be “hard to find more balanced or more open coverage.”

Baquet also said that he hopes the newsrooms struggles will not make it impossible for the paper to grow in its role as a media outlet.

“The fact is that we want to be able to do what we want,” Baqou told Bloomberg Television.

“It is not hard to do and we’re going to continue to work as hard as we can.”

Baqary also said he hopes that he will be able in the future to help the news industry as well as the paper itself.

Baqs role as co-owner of The New England Patriots and owner of the Patriots has been under review since his departure from The Times last year.

He had said that it was his intention to sell his stake in the team, but he said that would not be possible without The New America Foundation, a nonprofit he founded.

Baquer has also become more outspoken in his criticism of President Donald Trump, who he has praised for his election win.

In a tweet on Friday, Baqar wrote that the president “is doing his best to destroy the media” and that his “firing” from The New New York Post “means the world to me.”

Baquary said that his focus is on The New Hampshire newspaper.

“We have been in New Hampshire for 30 years and we are going to stay in New England,” Baqs tweet read.