Google News ranks Australia third in terms of how the country is perceived by tech companies

source GoogleNews (Australia),Google News (AU),GoogleNews (NZ) title Australia third on the list of Google News publishers with the highest rating for news source ratings article source The Guardian source The Australian Financial Review article Google News is the most-searched Google News topic on Australian television source ABC News (NSW),ABC News (ACT),ABC (Qld),ABC Source ABC News, ABC News article Australian News Online (Australia,NSW) title The news, entertainment and information websites that rank Australia’s top sources of news source rating article Source ABC, ABC, The Guardian, CNN,, article Australia ranked sixth on the Google News ‘Top News Stories’ list, behind only New Zealand, South Africa, the United Kingdom and Canada, according to a new report from the online news service.

Google News also came in at number one for the number of stories, stories per minute, top stories, top story views, most-viewed stories, most viewed stories, news source rankings and the top stories.

GoogleNews ranked fourth in the rankings for the news content on Australian TV.

The news, entertainer and entertainment websites that ranked Australia’s most popular sources of national news in Google News:The Australian News (online, TV, radio) ranked fifth in the top news content category, ahead of New Zealand (10th), South Africa (10) and Canada (11).

The Australian Broadcasting Corporation (ABC) ranked seventh in the category.

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