The News Is Broken, And There’s a New Way to Read It

A new interactive graphic app has been developed to help you find news sources on Facebook.

The app is called NewsIsBroken and it aims to “turn news into something people can look at.”

The app, created by news site Polygon, has been released for Android and iOS.

NewsIsBricker is not the first news app to be developed for Android.

It has been available for several months on Google Play, but now, it is available on both iOS and Android.

The news app is free to download and uses Facebook’s Graph API to provide a timeline of news stories that can be accessed from any device, including smartphones, tablets, PCs, Macs and Windows PCs.

The NewsIs Broken app is powered by Graph API, and is compatible with Facebook’s News Feed API, which allows the app to access more than 3 billion pages.

News is Broken is currently available in beta on both Android and iPhone.

News Is Broken’s developers said in a blog post that they started the project with “a clear purpose in mind,” and it is meant to be a “good alternative to the Facebook Newsfeed,” which is “a massive and constantly updated collection of news content from around the web.”

NewsIsBreak has the potential to be an excellent news app, but Polygon notes that the app has a few drawbacks.

NewsisBroken’s design is minimalist and “doesn’t have the same slick and polished look of Facebook’s latest update.”

In addition, NewsIsBar is a “totally empty” app with no navigation options or other features.

NewsBar is also a completely empty app with “no buttons to tap on.”

There are no Facebook-branded widgets or news widgets on the app, and the main page of the app is not user-generated content.

NewsBroken, on the other hand, is fully-featured and designed to be “a great news app,” and “you’ll get instant access to all of the great news from around Facebook that’s been shared by you.”

News is broken The app has the following features: NewsIsPie chart of news news sources.