How the news has changed for the better

News24 has got the story.

The world has changed.

News24, as well as several other digital platforms, are now aggregating the news from multiple sources to provide users with the best news for their day.

The site has also introduced a new newsfeed format which allows users to read and post news stories on their own, on their mobile device, or in a News24 app on a desktop computer.

In a statement on the news website, News24 chief executive Mark Harris said the newsfeed would allow users to access a broader range of content from different sources, including news, sport, lifestyle and entertainment.

“It’s a huge leap forward in delivering the most up-to-date information and engaging the world at a glance, News 24 is thrilled to be joining a number of digital platforms including Facebook, YouTube and Snapchat,” he said.

“The News24 News Feed will be available across all platforms, including iOS, Android and Windows phones.”

News24’s move to the news aggregator has seen a surge in user activity, with many users sharing stories, videos and photos on the site.

The platform, which was launched in April, has been described as “the future of news”, with news being aggregated by News24 and shared by the thousands.

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