How to counter Leftist media bias in India

The Indian Left has long been an effective tool for propagating and justifying its ideological agenda.

But the Left is now in a crisis.

Its ideological hegemony is in jeopardy and it is time for it to put up a fight.

The Left, which was once the bastion of India’s progressive values, is in crisis.

There is a rising tide of anger and discontent among its membership and the Left has not been able to contain it.

The Left has been a political and social instrument of India for decades.

Its political platform was a political one.

It was the vehicle through which the Left controlled India and was the only party that could represent the country’s aspirations.

The political class, which controlled the ruling parties, gave it its own agenda.

The Right’s ideology is that of democracy, human rights, and secularism.

It is the Left that is threatening the interests of millions of Indians.

The recent developments are the result of a crisis in the Left.

The leadership has been unable to counter this rising tide.

In the past, the Left was able to fight against this crisis.

The anti-Hindu movement in the 1950s and 60s helped the Left to create the political space for it.

But now, in the face of the anti-national sentiment in the country and in the global context, the Party is facing a crisis of its own.

The current crisis is the result, in part, of the rise of an anti-globalisation movement in India.

In recent months, anti-foreigner sentiments have also been rising.

The current anti-China agitation in India is a symptom of this trend.

The globalisation movement is in its infancy.

The rise of the Hindu right has also helped the anti theist sentiments in India rise.

The BJP’s failure to take an anti globalisation stand, coupled with the rise in anti-left sentiment in India, has allowed the Left’s ideology to spread.

This movement is not limited to the country.

The entire world is now witnessing it.

It has already reached Europe, Australia, the US and other parts of the developed world.

In the last few months, the BJP has not stood up to the anti right wing and anti-anti-globalization sentiment in its country.

It instead has chosen to stay on the sidelines, giving the Left a platform and the platform to spread its ideological message in the name of democracy.

This has allowed Leftists to gain influence and control over India.

The Party has also failed to counter the rising anti-Semitism and Islamophobia in India and its anti-Islamic discourse.

It also failed in countering the rising racism and religious discrimination in India as well as the rising xenophobia.

The government, however, has shown no sign of taking any decisive steps to counter these trends.

The Hindu Right’s success has come as a complete surprise.

The Hindu Right has a long history of being a powerful political force.

It played an important role in mobilising the anti Nehruvian, anti globalist, anti Nehlen movement in opposition to the Congress Party.

The Congress Party, however failed to put forward a principled position on the issue of secularism and India’s secular development agenda.

At the same time, it failed to bring forth a credible policy on the Indo-Pak border issue and failed to take any decisive action against the Muslim extremists and terrorists who are operating in India illegally.

The Modi government, which is not averse to the use of violence against its opponents, has also played a decisive role in counteracting the Hindu Right.

It is no surprise that the BJP’s leadership has shown little interest in countering these developments.

The party has failed to defend the country from the rising Islamophobia and anti anti-Muslim sentiment.

The country has lost its national security.

India has lost the moral high ground.

It should not be expected to take the lead in the fight against Islamophobia.

The Indian Left’s leadership needs to step up to challenge this new phenomenon and counter the anti Right-Left politics.

The Indian Right is in danger of losing the ideological hegemony of the Left in the Indian state and it has no option but to fight.

The most effective way to do this is to put pressure on the party leadership to confront the anti Left in India through a mass movement.

The movement must be organised and organised on the basis of the existing political platform and by mobilising people of the country against this movement.

The Congress Party needs to take strong steps to respond to the rise and spread of anti-India and anti Hindutva sentiment in Indian society.

The RSS needs to stand up and make clear that it will not tolerate the rise to power of this movement and its leaders.

The ruling parties must also take decisive steps in countering this rise.

These parties should also take steps to ensure that there is no use of any anti-right slogans and slogans of anti Hindudvavak Sangh.

These are the only effective ways to counter any wave of anti Right in the society.

The author is the Editor-in