How the NFL will address bias on TV during the Super Bowl

How the Super-Bowl will be treated on television will depend on whether it is broadcast live or if it is streamed online, according to the league.

The NFL is set to reveal a blueprint for the Superbowl broadcast next month.

The league has said it will use live-streamed video and “real-time analytics” to determine if the broadcast is biased against the teams that are playing.

The blueprint also is expected to outline which players are to be featured on each broadcast.

The blueprint is expected by the end of next month, when the NFL’s new CEO will be named.

It will outline what the league considers to be the “most effective and fair” ways to present the game.

It also will outline how to minimize any bias in the way viewers view the game and the way advertisers use it to sell advertising.

The draft of the blueprint has not yet been released, but NFL Media is already developing a draft that includes a list of NFL-specific rules and regulations.

It would be published later this month.

The league has been criticized in recent weeks for its lack of transparency in releasing the blueprint, and for its failure to disclose the names of the NFL owners and teams involved in its deliberations.

The ratings for the game are not expected to be significantly impacted by the announcement.

The New York Times and other media outlets have reported that advertisers and sponsors are not willing to advertise during the games due to the potential for bias.

The Times’ investigation found that more than half of the advertising that aired during the game in the first week of January was in favor of the Patriots, and a quarter of the commercials that aired were in favor.

The Times reported that some advertisers have already pulled out of Super Bowl XLVIII.

The paper said it is the first time the league has declined to make the game available to advertisers.

Ahead of the draft, the NFL said in a statement that it was committed to presenting a fair and balanced broadcast of the game that respects fans, players and the game itself.

The draft is expected on March 11, the league said.