Why I am not a Jew: Israel’s ‘torture center’ | Jerusalem Post

Israel’s “tortured center” has become the biggest source of Israeli and Palestinian suffering, as the latest wave of killings continues, a new report says.

The report, “The Tortured Center,” was released on Monday by the Institute for Middle East Peace, a Washington-based research organization.

The Institute for Military Studies and Research, founded by former Israeli military officers, is known for publishing “tourist-friendly” reports that make no distinction between the West Bank and Gaza Strip.

The institute’s director, Rami Hamdallah, is among the top American scholars on the Middle East and has long been critical of the United States’ Middle East policy.

“It is a sad fact that Israel is the leading recipient of US taxpayer funds, and it is the only country that has been allowed to continue killing Palestinians in Gaza without any accountability,” Hamdah said.

“This is the torture center of the Jewish state, and the torture centre is the biggest obstacle to peace.

This is the story of the Holocaust and of our time.”

The report argues that the US should have taken action after the September 11 attacks in the United Kingdom and “after the first intifada” in the Palestinian territories.

“We must not forget that we are at war, but the only way to stop this war is to stop the murder of Palestinians in the occupied territories,” Hamdan said.

The torture center was formed in the wake of the first Palestinian intifadas in 2000 and has been accused of failing to take a stand against Israeli settlements and its brutal treatment of Palestinians.

“The torture center is the most dangerous and dangerous institution of the state of Israel, and its chief purpose is to prevent peace,” Hamdi said.

While some experts have argued that the torture centers are a “crisis” for the region, Hamdach said that the United Nations should have been in the forefront of condemning Israel’s treatment of the Palestinians.

The United Nations Security Council passed Resolution 2334 in 2002, which condemned the Israeli actions and called for an end to the violence.

In 2014, the United Nation’s special rapporteur on human rights and counter-terrorism, Kenneth Roth, called for the creation of a new center to investigate torture.

But that effort did not materialize.

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, who took office in 2014, has been under intense pressure from U.S. President Donald Trump to end the violence and bring an end, Hamdan told the Jerusalem Post.

The Israeli prime minister has vowed to destroy Hamas, the Islamist group that dominates the Gaza Strip and is backed by Iran.

The U.N. Human Rights Council last week voted to refer the Israeli-Palestinian conflict to the International Criminal Court.

A report by Roth’s commission recommended that Israel be held accountable for the deaths of Palestinians, including children.

“Israel is the main perpetrator of the Palestinian genocide in the Occupied Territories, and Israel is responsible for all acts of collective punishment, whether they are committed by the Israeli military, by settlers or settlers’ settlers,” the report said.

In addition to a Palestinian center, Israel has a “tougher” “justice” system, with judges overseeing trials that are usually held behind closed doors.

The Justice Ministry is in charge of the justice system and provides the court with “facts and evidence,” according to the report.

“While the Palestinian state is a democracy, the system is very opaque,” said Hamdan.

“There are no mechanisms to punish the people.

The courts are independent and are not accountable to anyone, so they are not held accountable.”

In its report, the Institute For Military Studies also said that Palestinians are more likely to be killed than Israelis.

“In the Palestinian territory, Palestinians are killed at a higher rate than Israelis, who are killed by Israeli soldiers at a lower rate,” it said.

Israel has blamed Hamas for the most recent wave of Palestinian killings, saying that the group has carried out attacks on Israeli soldiers, which it claims were retaliation for Israeli military actions against Gaza.

Israel denies this.

It has denied that it has carried any attacks against Israeli soldiers or civilians.

Israel is currently holding Palestinian prisoners in a military prison at the Israeli prison camp of Ilit, which has been used to house prisoners from other Israeli prisons.

The detainees are suspected of being Hamas members.

Israel’s military said Monday that the number of Palestinian deaths in the latest round of fighting was up to 5,938.

The International Committee of the Red Cross said on Monday that 4,871 Palestinians had been killed in Gaza, the majority of them civilians.

In its annual report, Israel’s Central Bureau of Statistics reported that the death toll in Gaza stood at 5,867 on Saturday.

More than 8,300 Palestinians were injured in the fighting, and at least 4,500 of them were children, according to a Gaza Health Ministry statement.