The New York Times is now running a fake story about me, a reader claims | The Guardian

article The New Jersey newspaper The Jersey Star-Ledger has run a fake article alleging that I am a “fake reporter” who “will use every trick in the book” to “disprove” the New York newspaper’s “journalism” and that it has “been a major contributor to Donald Trump’s campaign.”

The story, which has since been removed from The Star-Leger’s website, says that I have “been critical of The Times since its inception” and says that “in its history, The Times has published false and malicious stories about people who it has not chosen to identify.”

The article, which claims that I was hired by a Democratic political organization “to undermine The Times’s journalistic integrity,” says that the organization has “long been critical of my coverage.”

The article claims that The New Yorker, a Pulitzer Prize-winning newspaper, was “hired by a liberal political organization to discredit The Times’ journalism.”

I have no idea how a liberal organization would hire me to discredit a newspaper that I had never met before.

The fact that they hired me is hardly a newsworthy claim.

And yet, in the interest of full disclosure, I’ve written about the article.

The New Republic has not published a retraction.

The Huffington Report has not removed the article or contacted me.

The Guardian did not reply to my request for comment.

I emailed The Guardian’s editor, Michael Arrington, and asked whether it would remove the article and I will update this article when it responds.

The article has been shared more than 30,000 times on Facebook.

The article was first published on The New Star-Ltd., a liberal website that was founded by a former staffer for Bernie Sanders.

The website says that it is a “progressive, investigative, and social media outlet.”

I am a progressive journalist, the article says.

I have been critical and outspoken about how the liberal media has tried to undermine The New England Patriots’ success, but they are not alone.

The Times itself has had some trouble finding a mainstream outlet to publish its stories.

Last month, the New Republic said that it would “stop publishing the Times articles that are critical of its reporting” after the paper’s former managing editor, David Barstow, was fired by the paper.

The paper has not retracted the article nor has it responded to my requests for comment on this story.

I have contacted the New Jersey Star Leger and asked about the story.

I’ve also contacted The New Orleans Times-Picayune, which published the article on its website.

Neither has responded.

I reached out to The New Hampshire Union Leader, a newspaper owned by the New Hampshire State House of Representatives.

The newspaper did not respond to a request for comments.

In a statement to HuffPost, a spokesperson for the New Star Ledger said: “The article published on Monday was completely false and misleading, and was removed from the newspaper’s website yesterday afternoon.”

I emailed the spokesperson and asked if it would retract the article, but did not receive a response.

The New York Observer, which is owned by an executive at the Associated Press, has also not responded to a HuffPost request for information about the matter.

In January, The New Statesman, a conservative newspaper, published an article that alleged that the Associated House of Reps.

was “a liberal front group” that was “failing to hold its members accountable.”

The Associated House, which represents the 3rd District of New York, has “admitted that it had paid for opposition research against Donald Trump, but it has denied paying any members of Congress to do so,” according to the article published by The New Times on January 28.

The paper claims that the Democratic National Committee paid for the research.

The Independent Journal Review, a liberal news website, has published several articles accusing The New American Press Association, which bills itself as “a nonpartisan watchdog group that examines news outlets, and its president and CEO, for their partisan bias,” of trying to “foster a liberal bias in the media” and of having “paid to have their stories falsely framed as fact.”

The Independent has been critical about the AP, as has the New Statesmann.

In response to The Guardian, the AP sent a statement saying that it “is concerned about a recent New York Daily News article which appeared to misrepresent AP reporting and a number of other outlets in a way that we do not endorse.”

“We were not aware of the article until it was published and have removed it,” a spokesperson said.

“We believe the story to be incorrect and will be working to correct it.”

The New American press association has been working with The Guardian to correct the article.

“The Guardian did write about The Newamerican article in its January 29 edition, and did publish an article about The Times article in a story on the site.

The original article said that “a