How to watch MTV News: ‘You know that shit is not going to get you laid!’ – MTV News

You know that sh*t is not gonna get you married?

You know what it’s not going get you?

You Know What It’s Not Going To Get You?

MTV News will take you on a tour through the history of the network, featuring some of the best in entertainment.

What is MTV News? 

MTV News is the leading news and entertainment network on the internet, covering everything from the Olympics to the Kardashians. 

It is hosted by host Katie Couric, and has more than 30 million viewers a week. 

It is also the largest media conglomerate in the world with a global audience of more than 190 million people. 

The network’s most popular shows include The Amazing Race (CBS), Basketball (ESPN), Million Dollar Listing (TWC), America’s Funniest Home Videos (ABC), Glee (NBC), The Bachelor (FOX), Big Brother (BBC) and American Idol (US). 

MTV is also a prime source for news and commentary on politics, entertainment, and more. 

Movies, television and other entertainment are also produced and distributed by MTV. 

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All images courtesy MTV News