U.S. President Donald Trump: Italy is ‘no longer a safe place’ to visit

NEW YORK (AP) The Latest on President Donald J. Trump’s visit to Italy (all times local):9:30 p.m.

President Trump says Italy is no longer a “safe place” for U.N. Secretary-General Antonio Guterres and other foreign dignitaries.

Trump says the U.K. will remain in the European Union even as he vows to protect the United Nations.

Trump said the U:s delegation is staying in Italy.

He says that “all the countries are happy to have us.

It is a safe country.”

We are very, very happy with our presence.

We will be there to the very end, the end of this week and the beginning of next week.

The whole world is watching.

And it is no long.

It’s safe.

It’s a very, safe place.

It is a very safe place and I am very, really proud of that.

And I hope the world will love the U of A.

We have a very good relationship with the Italians.

We have a great relationship.

We are very close, very good friends.

I have tremendous respect for them.

They do very, not so great work, but they have done a great job.

They have done great work.

But, we have great respect for the Italians and we are very happy to be with them.___ ___10:15 p.mn.

The U.B.P. has been invited to Italy, the country’s main opposition party announced on its website.

It said it is a “significant step in strengthening cooperation” between the two countries.

The party said it will meet with Guterre, the U., Italy’s President Sergio Mattarella, the Prime Minister Mario Monti, and the European Commission in Florence.___10 p.me.

Italy’s president says the visit is a success.

Trump said the visit was a “great success.”

He says the two nations are “very close.”

The visit was planned a few weeks ago, but the date has been pushed back.

Trump says the trip will last four weeks.___8:45 p.mb.

Italy is in “full control” of the investigation into last week’s bombing at the Brussels airport, President Sergio Matteo said Sunday.

Mattarella, Monti and other top Italian officials were briefed by Italian investigators.

The president said that the explosion that killed 32 people was caused by a bomb planted at a baggage claim.

The Italian Interior Ministry said that three other bombs exploded in the same area last Friday and Saturday.___9:45 a.m.: President Donald Trumps trip to Italy is on track, and his administration is working to improve relations with the European countries, White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders said Sunday as Trump is arriving in the country.

“I think the trip is very positive and will go well, as I think it’s going to go well,” Sanders said.

She also said that Trump is looking forward to meeting with Italian Prime Minister Paolo Gentiloni, who is expected to be the first world leader to visit Italy in his eight years in office.___11:50 a.me.: Italian police have detained a man they say was responsible for an explosion at the Bica airport in Brussels, a major airport that serves as the European headquarters of the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe.___12:50 p.mi.

A senior U. N. official says President Donald D. Trump has been briefed on the bombing at Brussels Airport.

The official, who spoke on condition of anonymity because the U, has been in contact with the president and is monitoring the situation, said the meeting is being closely monitored.

The official was not authorized to discuss the details of the meeting publicly.___2:15 a.mi.: Italian Prime Minster Paolo Giorgio Matteo says his country is cooperating fully with the U in the investigation of the bombing that killed 22 people.

Giorgio told reporters on Sunday that he and Trump are discussing ways to better cooperate and that “we have a strong relationship.”

Giorgio said he was in contact Sunday with the head of the U.’s delegation to Italy and the U’s ambassador in Rome.______4:30 a.pm.: U. S. President Barack Obama is visiting Italy, where he will meet Prime Minister Matteo Renzi and Italian President Sergio Martinelli.

The president is expected at the Vatican on Monday for an interfaith summit with Pope Francis.

The White House says Obama will meet the prime minister and president at the UBS headquarters in Rome at 2 p.meters (6 feet) from the airport where the bombs exploded.___7:50 am: The U, which is in full control of the investigations into last weeks bombings, is working with Italy on an “excellent” security plan for the next four weeks, the White House said.

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