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Hosted at, Business Daily Kenya is a news and current affairs website that brings Kenyans the latest and greatest information from all around Kenya and the continent of Africa. A carefully thought out website, the developers at Business Daily Kenya has found the most efficient way to make lots of content easy to consume and not the least bit overwhelming. Below, we look at some of the best features of Business Daily Kenya.

Business Daily Kenya has a great minimalist layout that allows visitors to the site the opportunity to quickly browse the latest content published to the site's homepage. The site design is uncluttered and everything has its place - including web ads which can normally be somewhat of a nuisance. The website uses a clean "header, content, and sidebar" layout and with that all the latest content for each topic has its own news section that is clearly labeled. As such, visitors can easily scroll to the section of the site with the content they wish to see and enjoy what's posted there.


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2. Focused yet varied content

With topics like economy, news, corporate, lifestyle, opinion, and markets, Business Daily Kenya has a clear business focus. Still, even with this clear business focus, Business Daily Kenya takes on enough sub-topics within the field to make it worth the visitors while. Furthermore, persons interested in business are often looking for information related to the various sub-topics. There is stock market updates for business-savvy investors, for example, as well as lifestyle and work tips for the corporate-savvy visitor.

Of course, it is also of utmost importance that the content is useful and that the information found on the Business Daily Kenya website is accurate. It is. The developers there are committed to quality and integrity. Additionally, the website can be easily searched. Visitors can find posts using keywords and tag phrases relevant to their topic of interest.

3. Simple colour scheme

The colours of the Business Daily Kenya website are subtle throughout most of the site's content, but bold in areas where content is being highlighted. There is also a good use of bold fonts in areas where needed as well as a change in colour to highlight attention-grabbing content. There is not an overuse of colour and the colours that are chosen seem to complement the site's focus well. That is, the colours are sober without being lacklustre..

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