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Nairobi Wire was established back in 2012. The people behind the site noticed the need for fresh news that affected the entire country. The people also noticed the need for entertainment news from a reliable source. The culmination of these ideas gave birth to Nairobi Wire, which is now considered one of Kenya's most complete news site. The contributors have the reputation of giving news to the readers as it happens without much flair. Being a straight shooter has been one of the site's most important tasks. The site's dedication to honesty is transparent and obvious, which probably explains why the site grew quickly after it launched. The readers know that the site is honest and know that the articles are timely, which is vital for any news site.

The site is visited by more than 1 million readers each month, thanks to the high-quality articles written constantly. Nairobi Wire does focus on local news, but they also place an importance on national news. One of the things that many readers love about the site is that their opinion pieces really do give visitors something to think about. Many of the contributors have strong opinions about the nation's politics. The opinions are not censored nor are they paid. These are diverse opinions that may help readers become more informed citizens.



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The opinions are clearly stated to make sure readers know the difference between fact and opinion. Journalistic principles are taken very seriously by contributors and the editors. This is one reason the site opens up its communication channel to readers just in case mistakes are spotted that need to be rectified.

The site covers many categories. News, politics, and entertainment are probably the most visited, but there are other categories that readers find useful such as TV news or the humour category. The humour section allows Kenyans to take a breather from day-to-day struggles to relax and laugh a little. The lifestyle category is another special corner of the site that helps many Kenyan's understand trends in the country, such as health trends just as an example.

Another category worth mentioning is the science category where the news covers updates on the kinds of advancements being made in the country and elsewhere. It is here where Kenyans get to stay on top of health issues affecting the country or medicines that may offer a glimmer of hope for those suffering from some type of ailment. The sports section is another popular category that brings many Kenyans joy since sports is a major deal in the country.

The site's dedication to visitors keeps bringing more fans, and it is easy to tell how important it is for the site to satisfy visitors with articles they care about.

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