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Nation Media Group publishes The East African Newspaper on a weekly basis. They're also the driving force behind Daily Nation, which is one of the most popular national publications in Kenya. Writers from the Daily Nation often discuss geopolitical and cultural issues in The East African Newspaper. The paper also features a number of international stories.

While it comes out of Nairobi, the paper has a readership beyond the borders of Kenya. Its editorial image reflects this fact. Issues related to other countries in the African Great Lakes region tend to receive a great deal of coverage on par with the amount of coverage given to Kenyan issues. Different sections are dedicated to Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. Journalists reporting from each of these countries provide the kind of in-depth analysis that only those close to the stories can offer. Since Nation Media Group is also connected to NTV and Easy FM, it has ready access to news feeds that carry current information about areas that otherwise don't often get covered in the news media. This unique focus allows the paper to seem locally focused regardless of where individual readers live. All local articles published in the print version are also posted online, and they're currently offering a searchable online archive that stretches back to July 2000.


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The East African Newspaper publishes a weekly magazine by the same name in addition to the newspaper itself. Print subscribers receive this as a glossy supplement along with their weekly tabloid and broadsheet sections. Online readers can access the content of this magazine on the same site that they read all other articles on. A link at the top will take them to articles published in the magazine supplement along with additional op-ed material only found online.

Readers of the digital version of The East African Newspaper can subscribe to it from Newsstand Newspaper Vendors. This is an exact copy of the print publication with identical advertisements and an identical page numbering scheme. Those who'd prefer to access content through a news reader can also take a look at a series of RSS feeds that the news desk currently offers.

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