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Tuko News is your all-stop-shop for all the latest and greatest news from Kenya. The website is a full-fledged news destination, with news offered in both English and Swahili - the other language widely spoken in Kenya. In this article, we'll take a look at the site and judge it for its content, layout and other attributes that are important for a news site.

As aforementioned, the site is a complete news destination, and is unlike a news blog that nitpicks news material. Tuko News categorizes its content quite well, and there is also a 'blog' section where opinions and analyses are shared. As far as the actual content goes, a wide array of topics are considered. Right from politics and elections to entertainment and lifestyle, and everything in between are covered.As aforementioned, Tuko News is a bilingual news site. A good number of news articles are published in both English and Swahili. However, those aren't differentiated that well. Both English and Swahili write-ups could be part of the same news section and you would hardly notice the same at first glance, since both the languages use the same script. Someone who is well-versed with both the languages won't have any issues hopping seamlessly between English and Swahili. But for people who can read and comprehend only one of the two languages, this lack of organization could be a bit inconvenient.


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The site's design is fairly conventional and it's not winning any design awards, which is a good thing! For a news site, it's less about aesthetics and more about functionality. If a news site is easy to navigate, then that should be more than enough. Tuko News is easy to navigate.

Social Media Presence

Most African online news portals don't make much noise outside of the Dark Continent. But these news websites and blogs have a fairly respectable following within their target markets. In other words, the majority of these websites have a strong follower base on social media sites such as Facebook and Twitter, and Tuko News is no exception.

Tuko News has more than 2.5 million fans on Facebook. Its Twitter numbers aren't that impressive comparatively, but it's still nothing to be ashamed of. Both social media pages are quite active, with new posts coming through every few minutes. The online news company also has a YouTube channel, but by looking at the subscriber count, it is evident Tuko News readers prefer their news more as text and less in the form of audio-video. Besides this, Tuko News also has a Google Play app.

If you're looking for news relating to Kenya, Tuko News should be your news destination. With so much being covered on the site, you'll hardly see anything being left out. Other African news sites may have a section dedicated to Kenya, but there is only so much they can cover about the country.

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