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Freedom of the press in Kenya are reeled in by several mandates by the Constitution of Kenya. The freedom of electronic, print, and other forms of media are free of any state intervention, ensuring that the state does not interfere with any persons engaged in broadcasting applications or penalizing any opinion or content. Electronic media, in particular, have freedom of establishment that is only subject to licensing procedures. State owned media are free to determine their editorial process and are afforded equal opportunity for dissenting opinions. Even though the media in Kenya has been subjected to several constitutional laws that has silenced critical reporting and penalized media firms with fines, Kenya newspapers have struggled to ensure that opinions and freedom of information are preserved.

Here are some of the top newspapers in Kenya, reeling in thousands of viewers and readers at any given moment. It's important to note that most newspapers in Kenya are curated by only a handful of parent companies including Nation Media Group, Standard Group Limited, and Radio Africa Group. However, the news publications that stem from its parent companies are unique in themselves and are identified as unique identities. The top newspapers in Kenya are:

Daily Nation Kenya Daily Nation Kenya
Standard Media Kenya Standard Media Kenya
The Star Kenya The Star Kenya
Business Daily Kenya Business Daily Kenya
Kenya Daily Post Kenya Daily Post
The East African
Tuco Newspaper
Nairobi Wire

The Daily Nation
The Daily Nation is an independent newspaper that is sold in Kenya, with a current circulation of almost 2,000,000 copies of the newspaper being given out at city centers and stands. First started in 1958, Daily Nation started off as a news publication in Swahili, with the organization formally named Taifa. In 1959, it was purchased by Aga Khan IV, with the name of Taifa officially changing in 1960. The English edition of the newspaper started to go into circulation in October 1960. This process went underway with the support of Daily Nation's parent company, Nation Media Group. Headquartered in Nairobi, Daily Nation has an online version of its publication, where it's free and gets more than 3 million hits on a daily basis. Daily Nation is arguably one of Kenya's biggest publications, with its securing a 53 percent market share in 2011.

The Standard Media
The Standard is Daily Nation's direct competitor, with it being one of the largest newspapers in the country with about 30% market share. It is also one of the oldest newspaper in Kenya, with it partnering with The Standard Group and the Kenyan Television Network. Standard Digital World is the online version of The Standard. Headquartered in Mombasa Road, the newspaper was first established as the African Standard in 1902. The founder of the news paper organization sold the firm to two British men in 1905. It became a daily paper in 1910. Interestingly enough, The Standard had colonialists viewpoints. It has been subjected to raids in 2006.

The Star
When it was first launched in 2007, The Star was first name the Nairobi Star. Even though it has a relatively small market share, encompassing about 20,000 publications in the total Kenyan circulation of more than 320,000, it still has a dedicated reader base before its official closure.

The East African
The East African it is a smaller newspaper that publishes a weekly spread by the Nation Media Group. Nation Media Group is also the curator for Daily Nation. It not only circulates in Kenya, but the East African are also spread out to different African countries including Uganda, Tanzania, and Rwanda. Unlike other newspaper organizations that tend to expand on topical subjects, The East African attempts to dive deep into in-depth analysis, with several columns that also catered to international stories and current events.

Coast Week
Specializing in current headlines Coast Week focuses on news pertaining to entertainment, business, and sports. It's an online e-newspaper with an online portal that also includes a directory and classified ads.

Kenya Broadcasting Corporation
KBC is a branch of media established by the Kenyan government. It's one of Kenya's most reliable news sources, with high quality information about Kenya and its social programs. KBC spotlights cultural activities and local values by being pro-conservation and preservation of indigenous peoples.

Kenya Central
The Kenyan Newspaper is an online hub for information about famous Kenyans and their happenings. Aside from writing about Kenya's popular culture, Kenya Central occasional touches on international affairs.

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