How to stop the Koch brothers from getting big again

Republican billionaires Charles and David Koch are spending millions on television ads to undermine Democratic President Barack Obama and Republicans’ chances in the midterm elections, according to the Wall Street Review.

The ads target young people, African-Americans and Latinos, according the paper, which cited a recent ad buy.

The Kochs, who made their fortunes in the oil and coal industries, are not shy about airing their political views.

In March, they spent $150 million to air ads attacking Obama and Democratic candidates for the House and Senate, and they have been spending heavily in battleground states such as Ohio, Florida and Virginia.

The latest effort by the Kochs to attack Democrats comes as they are expected to spend millions on Senate races in 2016, where the Democrats are expected have a significant advantage.

Democrats have spent millions on TV ads in states including Florida, North Carolina, Colorado and Virginia, according a review of data by the National Institute on Money in State Politics.

While Republicans are unlikely to match the spending by the super PACs backing the Koch Brothers, they could be on the verge of doing so.

“The Koch brothers are going to spend $2 million in Florida in 2020, and we’re not going to let that happen,” said Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer, D-N.Y. “If the Koch’s continue to spend money like they are, it will be more expensive for us to run a competitive campaign.”

Democrats are already targeting Senate seats that are favorable to them in an attempt to stop Republicans from taking over the chamber.

In North Carolina and Georgia, Democratic lawmakers have been targeting Republican incumbents in the Senate, including Republicans’ incumbent Republican Senate Minority leader Richard Burr, R-N., and Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell, R, Ky.

Democrats are also targeting Republican House members, as well as Senate seats held by Republicans.

The Republican Party has already spent about $100 million on television advertising against Senate incumbents, including in Alabama, Arizona, California, Georgia and Louisiana.

Republicans have spent more than $1 billion on television ad buys against Democrats, according at least three organizations tracking campaign spending.

Democratic groups are spending money in all 50 states on television in the final weeks before Election Day.

“Democrats are going after these vulnerable seats with TV ads that make them sound more competitive, but if they’re able to do that in the last few weeks of the election, then Republicans will have the upper hand,” said Mark Murray, a spokesman for the NRSC.

Democrats also are spending more on mailings targeting vulnerable Republicans in races in which they are leading in the polls.

In Florida, Democrats are targeting Republican incumbent Marco Rubio, R., who has struggled to gain traction with the white working class voters who propelled Donald Trump to the presidency.

Democrats plan to use the mailers to highlight the “toxic message” Rubio is trying to sell to voters.

“He’s been telling the truth about Trump and the country, and it’s not working,” said Joe Hunter, a Democratic strategist in Florida.

The NRSC has already invested $300,000 in the mailings.

The group has been running an ad buy in Ohio and South Carolina targeting Senate Republicans who voted against the Affordable Care Act and are vulnerable to challenge.

The Ohio ad, which has been airing on Fox News Channel, is titled “Rubio’s dangerous and unpopular plan to gut Medicaid, expand private insurance, cut Medicare and Social Security, and destroy the middle class.”

“Republicans need to put their health care record behind them, and if they want to have a chance at the White House, they should be focused on fixing the economy instead of pushing their extremist agenda on health care,” said Brian Walsh, a communications director for the Senate Conservatives Fund.