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Hosted at, Standard Media Kenya is one of the many current affairs websites in Kenya and across the continent of Africa as a whole. Of all these website options, however, Standard Media Kenya is one of those that offers up one of the widest variety of options as far as topics covered is concerned. Topics cover everything from business, economy and world affairs, to lifestyle, education, and even sports. Below, we take a closer look at all Standard Media Kenya offers up and where the site falls short.

1. A wide range of topics
On Standard Media Kenya, there is definitely lots to talk about and this is perhaps the website's greatest strength. With so many topics to choose from, Standard Media Kenya can easily qualify as a one stop portal for web users looking for all the great information they need on all the things they are interested in without jumping from one site to the next. If this is the aim of Standard Media Kenya, it has certainly achieved that.


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2. Frequent posting of relevant information
Covering a wide range of topics on a website is one thing. Covering them well is quite another. Thankfully, Standard Media Kenya does both. The quality of the articles posted to the site are of a fairly high quality. It is clear their writers do their due diligence to research and fact check when bringing stories to the fingertips and minds of readers who crave the information within them.

3. A faulty layout and colour scheme
I'll be first to tell you that irrespective of which content management system (CMS) one may use, organising sites with a vast amount of content is no easy feat. The challenges of the same can be seen in the Standard Media Kenya website layout. Truth be told, the colour scheme at Standard Media Kenya is refreshingly simple (blue highlights on white background and black text) - which is great in an age of minimalism. However, when browsing, it feels as if it is almost too simple. Perhaps a little more effort should be placed in finding a layout that is better suited to having headers and coloured highlights stand out against the white background and seeming wall of text a little more than it current theme does.

Still, the Standard Media Kenya site is a quality site with quality content and the layout by no means takes away from that. For the most part, finding the content you need is as easy as following the hyperlinks in the site's menu at the top of the page or using the highly efficient in-site search engine.

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