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There are several newspaper and editorial-focused sites online, but only a few can be compared to The Star Kenya. This site, since its inception, has tried to carve out a very crucial corner online for Kenyans and other communities nearby.

At first glance, one can see that the site focuses on news in Kenya. The Latest News and Today's Paper are two sections focused on what is going on in Kenya that might be of interest to visitors. The pieces are up-to-date, and the reporting is crisp and honest. This is one reason visitors trust The Star.

Under the Latest News category, there is a whole section devoted to corruption. This is because corruption is a major concern in Kenya, and The Star wants people to be informed of the latest scandals to help them make better decisions about the leaders of the region. Under that same category, there is also a section dedicated to world news to keep readers aware of what is going on around the world, which has the potential of affecting life in Kenya.



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Another important category in The Star is dedicated to business. An economy is built on the backs of the people and self-starters who are willing to take the risk of starting a new business. This section allows readers who are interested in business to learn more about new businesses springing up, and they can learn about Kenya's market. It allows them to study demand, which can help them decide what kind of business they want to start.

Sports is another popular category because everyone loves sports. All the important sports are covered under this category. This includes the one that everyone cares about, which is football. The category covers many local games to give Kenyans the opportunity to support local teams. Of course, international games are also covered for those interested in games around the world.

The site also covers Health, which is vital for the country, and it even has an Opinion category where professional editors get to speak their minds about many subjects. The voices are unique, which is what readers love to see.

The Star also has an extensive Classifieds category to help Kenyans find services they might need. Readers can find everything they need under the Classifieds category such as used cars or people looking for potential employees. Readers can also look for apartments or even homes under the Classifieds category. The category is always updated to make sure that all information gathered is useful to the readers.

Kenya's The Star knows that it has a lot to live up to, and it works hard to make sure readers can trust their posts and reports.

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